Digital Age: The Collapse of Thomas Cook


Here at JORI International Ltd., we embrace the era of Digital Transformation by incorporating technology to provide our clients with enhanced services on top of the expertise provided by our certified customs specialists and licensed customs brokers. Unlike the traditional approach by Thomas Cook, JORI has implemented new initiatives to provide exceptional service.


On September 23, Thomas Cook declared bankruptcy, collapsing their company and leaving their clients stranded without service. Thomas Cook is yet another company victimized by the growth of e-commerce and digitization over traditional “brick and mortar”.


As reported in the New York Times, analysts associated their collapse to their:

“…fail[ure] to adjust to changing times. While other travel companies went totally online, Thomas Cook held onto its extensive chain of storefronts.”


Being in age of digitization, business processes have changed drastically due the emergence of the internet and its “instant” services. Here at JORI International Ltd., we lead by example with the aid of our RAIL-LINK and Web Portal Systems. Our RAIL-LINK system provides automation between carriers to ease the process of rail shipments. In addition, our Web Portal allows our clients to seamlessly track and get an inside look at the status and details of their freight handled by JORI.


These are two of the many ways JORI has integrated technology into our company and expanded the services available for our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, we advise you to please contact your JORI Representative at your earliest convenience.


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