Canada's Plan to Protect Steel and Aluminum Workers and Industries


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Here at JORI International Ltd., we strive to keep you informed of any changes in the aluminum and steel industry. It is important to know the latest regulations and policy changes that may affect your business. In addition to the recent changes to the Anti-dumping Regulations, the CSCB reported that the Canadian Government has introduced new safeguards to protect the steel and aluminum industries from unfairly traded imports. 


Beginning September 1, 2019, certain aluminum products will be added to the Import Control List and General Import Permit (GIP) No. 83. This will require aluminum importers to cite the GIP on CBSA import declarations in order to import the products into Canada. With this new source of aluminum import data, the aluminum industry and Government can effectively measure whether there is a global oversupply of aluminum making its way to Canada.


Steel imports are further being monitored with the requirement of certain importers to submit detailed reports on their imports of steel to Global Affairs Canada. This will allow the Government to identify errors and inconsistencies in import data – effectively supporting a more accurate tracking of imports and import patterns. These steel and aluminum process improvements build on Canada’s plan to progress importing monitoring regimes and Canada’s trade remedy.


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