Proposed Amendments to Canada’s Anti-dumping Laws


Here at JORI International Ltd., whether you are a foreign exporter or Canadian importer, JORI aims to keep you informed of any changes in the global market that may affect your business. 


Intended to fine imported goods that are sold into an export market below their normal value, the Special Import Measures Regulations (SIMR) has new proposed amendments that pose a greater risk for foreign producers and importers. BLG reported that this past July 15 the Government of Canada gave the CBSA greater control to calculate the normal values in ways that will trigger more instances of dumping and additional obstacles for exporters and Canadian importers. 


These amendments allow the CBSA to disregard actual input costs in calculating normal values which will make it more difficult for foreign producers to know the price they must sell in Canada to avoid anti-dumping duties. In addition, this raises the risks of retroactive duty assessments in which the CBSA can apply these new provisions in re-investigations.


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