New Preventatives Set Against Undeclared and Mis-declared Hazardous Cargo Shipments


Here at JORI International Ltd., we strive to keep you updated on the latest changes to freight policies. It is important to know the following changes set to take effect this coming month when shipping hazardous ocean freight.   


This past week, Hapag-Lloyd and the OOCL addressed the increasing reports of marine incidents related to undeclared and mis-declared hazardous cargo. With numerous container fires affecting the ocean freight industry, companies are increasingly aware of the hazards that mis-declared and undeclared cargo pose. In efforts to increase the overall safety onboard they have introduced new prevention efforts.


As released in Hapag-Lloyd’s bulletin China – Penalty for Dangerous Goods Misdeclaration:

In the overall interest of safe operation onboard, please note that for mis-declaration of hazardous cargoes prior to shipment, Hapag-Lloyd will implement a penalty of USD 15,000.00 per container, effective as from September 15, 2019.


Accordingly, the OOCL released a statement indicating their heightened container inspection policy and reinforced their Hazardous Cargo Misdeclaration Fee:

To ensure safety compliance on shore and at sea are met, OOCL will strengthen our Dangerous Cargo acceptance and container inspection policy by imposing additional verification before loading through selective or random inspections on DG and potential DG cargo.

Any inconsistencies between the declared cargo in the documents and what is physically inside the container will result in a Hazardous Cargo Misdeclaration Fee. Depending on the type of deficiencies found in such a shipment, the container may be put out of service and the cargo may be put on hold where penalties may be imposed, and charges associated with the misdeclaration will be on the shipper’s account.


If you have any questions or concerns, we advise you to please contact your JORI Representative at your earliest convenience.


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