The Future of Canadian International Trade: Premiers Take


Here at JORI International Ltd., we aim to keep you up to date with the latest news on Canadian trade. Our leaders shape Canadian international relations, so it is important that we discuss and understand how their actions and priorities will affect us Canadian businesses. This past week our Premiers met for the 2019 Summer Meeting of Canada’s Premiers where they addressed the volatile state of the global economy and their commitment to expand and diversify trade.  


International exports account for about one-third of GDP and one-in-six Canadian jobs. So with recent concerns about ongoing market access restrictions such as those imposed on canola seed, pork, and beef exports to China, Premiers encouraged the opportunity for diversification opened up by recent free trade agreements such as the CTTP, CETA, and CKFTA. 


Two proposed COF led international missions are under consideration. The first being a mission to fortify markets in the European Union to support further ratification of CETA and build on existing trade relationships. Premiers also shared interest in strengthening Canada’s position in the Arctic. In efforts to protect Canada’s vast potential and opportunity as an Arctic and northern nation, they acknowledged the need for joint action with the federal government to develop nation-building investments in the Canadian Arctic.


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